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Yogi Tea
Certified Organic
Green Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea

Discover the rich & luscious world of Yogi Teas! Experience their complex and sophisticated green tea, black tea and organic herbal teas made with the most natural healing herbs. Savor the delightful flavor and sweet aroma of herbs and spices from around the globe.   

Item # Description Size
409045 Original Cinnamon Spice Tea  1 # bulk
409065 Bedtime Tea 16 t-bag box
409070 Breathe Easy Tea 16 t-bag box
409075 Calming Tea 16 t-bag box
409030 Classic India Spice Tea 16 t-bag box
409175 Cocoa & Spice Tea 16 t-bag box
409077 Cold Season Tea 16 t-bag box
490100 DeTox Tea 16 t-bag box
409092 Echinacea Immune Support Tea 16 t-bag box
409020 Eqyptian Licorice Tea 16 t-bag box
409105  Fasting Tea 16 t-bag box
409082 Get Regular Tea 16 t-bag box
409083 Ginger Tea 16 t-bag box
409150 Ginkgo IQ Tea 16 t-bag box
409090 Ginseng Royal Vitality Tea 16 t-bag box
409200 Green Tea Goji Berry  16 t-bag box
409205 Green Tea Pomegranate 16 t-bag box
409170 Green Tea Rejuvenation 16 t-bag box
409195 Green Tea Sampler 16 t-bag box
409160 Green Tea Triple Echinacea 16 t-bag box
409165 Green Tea Energy 16 t-bag box
409155 Green Tea w/ Kombucha 16 t-bag box
409125 Lemon-Ginger Tea 16 t-bag box
409145 Peach DeTox Tea 16 t-bag box
409190 Rest & Relax Tea Sampler 16 t-bag box
409080 Stomach Ease Tea 16 t-bag box
409130 Throat Comfort Tea 16 t-bag box
409173 Vanilla Hazelnut Tea 16 t-bag box
Yogi Chai Teas
409010 Black Chai Tea 16 t-bag box
409025 Green Chai Tea  16 t-bag box
409050 Redbush Chai Tea, Caffeine-free 16 t-bag box

All our teas contain organic ingredients in variable proportion, but some of the natural healing herbs, natural oils and extracts we use are not available organically. At this time we source 63 organic herbs and spices. We are always looking for new organic sources and hope at some point to be able to offer completely organic herbal tea, green tea and black tea! The USDA organic seal will begin to appear on Yogi Teas that are at least 95% organic. Varieties that are 70% to 94% organic will feature a seal listing the percentage of their organic content. Currently 26 of our teas are certified organic.