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Our Best Selling Books

Pocket Herbal Reference Guide
By Dera St. Claire
User-friendly introductions to the basics of herbal medicine with remedies for over 100 health problems. 138 pgs. paperback
BK 718360   
Materia Medica" 3rd Edition  
By Bensky

A must have book which provides 

Herbs are grouped in chapters by function, with expanded summaries and tables for contrast and comparison. Each herb is identified by its pharmaceutical, pinyin, botanical, and family names, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English common names.  Key characteristics are provided at the beginning of each entry, along with dosage, properties, channels entered, and relevant cautions and contraindications. This provides a quick overview of essential information
1924   $125.00
DUI YAO: The Art of Combining Chinese Medicinal
By Phillippe Sionneau
Based on thousands of years of recorded clinical experience, certain combinations of Chinese medicinals are known to work better than others. Although there may be several possible combinations that could achieve a certain therapeutic effect, one combination in particular gets definite dependable results.